Martin Röösli is head of the Unit for Environmental Epidemiology and Risk Assessment at the Swiss Tropical- and Public Health Institute in Basel. He has a background in atmospheric physics and a PhD in environmental epidemiology. His research focuses on environmental health and includes exposure assessment studies, aetiological research and health risk assessments in the area of electromagnetic fields, ionizing radiation, passive smoking, noise exposure and ambient air pollution. In terms of electromagnetic field research he is principal investigator of the QUALIFEX study, a prospective cohort study on health related quality of life and radiofrequency EMF exposure. He is also principal investigator of the Swiss part of the multicenter study CEFALO, an international case-control study on use of mobile phones and brain tumour in adolescents and children. He investigated the association between cause of mortality and extremely low frequency magnetic field exposure in a cohort of railway workers as well in a national cohort study of people exposed to power lines. He is a member in various national and international commissions on environmental health risk and has published numerous scientific papers, reviews and book chapters. Since 2001, he is member of the European BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA) and since 2006 he is elected council member.