We are pleased to provide you with information on the best in bioelectromagnetics research. BEM is committed to publishing high-quality, independently peer-reviewed research and review articles focusing on experimental, theoretical, and clinical aspects of the interaction and application of electromagnetic fields and waves in biological systems.

Eccentric figure-eight coils for transcranial magnetic stimulation; Exposure to electromagnetic fields in households—Trends from 2006 to 2012; Pulsed magnetic field accelerate proliferation and migration of cardiac microvascular endothelial cells; Pulsed electromagnetic field may accelerate in vitro endochondral ossification; The effects of weak magnetic fields on radical pairs; Mobile telephone use effects on perception of verticality; Generation of infant anatomical models for evaluating electromagnetic field exposures and Impact of head morphology on local brain specific absorption rate from exposure to mobile phone radiation.

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A journal that combines the best research in electromagnetics in biology and medicine with a unique mix of articles dedicated to nonionizing radiation effects, exposure dosimetry, safety protection and medical applications.

Bioelectromagnetics covers the entire spectrum of nonionizing radiation research and is essential reading for biological scientists, engineers, medical doctors, physicists, and public health specialists in academia, government, and industry. The journal is open to a broad range of topics whose central theme falls within the interaction and application of electromagnetic fields and waves in biological systems, spanning static fields to terahertz waves and visible light.

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